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Application Shinki Info & Permissions

For the psychic, intuitive or 'keenly aware' of of what goes on inside a person's mind, things would certainly seem quite distant. Almost in a literal sense. Everything on the surface of a person's mind- their feelings and 'loudest' thoughts, come in pretty easily. After all, that's the shallow end of the spectrum. However, there's a clear point where you can tell that there's a huge depth between where you are and the next level. Much like some beaches onto the ocean (or some particular lakes.) You can wade through, feel the sand and see what's around you, but there's a point where you can feel the edge and sort of see that it gets far darker than the shoreline you're at the edge of.


Some people have senses so sharp that they can pick up on a pulse, if someone has a diet that's very heavy in garlic, or can even smell that they're diabetic. Some have a natural sense, or doctor tools, to check for the life status of the body. This is where it's almost like coming across a corpse. While Trance's body temperature can be considered normal (if not a little too cold or hot,) she most decidedly has no pulse. Machines that can do scans of all types or readings will come back negative for life signs.
The rest of Trance's body may or may not be visible if you looked up into the night sky.


While it all depends on how one senses the spirit, and how acute that sense is, many things could be revealed. The spirit is not actually in the body, however the body is a conduit and acting from its will. Depending on player choice, this could either mean that there's absolutely nothing to sense in this way, or that there's something, but a very distant feeling. Almost like Trance is always in a state of astral projection- just that her body is moving and you have no clue as to where that astral form is. If one could see strings for the connection of these two parts, that string would always point towards the sky, and far beyond what could be reached.


This is for those who are sensitive to time and space, or those who see 'beyond.' Feeling these things could be overwhelming, for she is connected and an active part of something that determines what time and space is. She is ageless, having been a part of all the ages (before the ages of this existence,) and both a part of and connected to different dimensions.
If one was capable of psychometry (even if it's only triggered on inanimate objects,) the vision could be blindingly bright for the inexperienced and ill prepared, or with a clear and close view of a large sun.
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4th WALL BREAKING:   Go for it, if it's in your character's personality! 
THREADJACKING:   All the more fun!  
BACK THREADING:   Always allowed!  

MIND READING:   There's two layers to Trance's mind, due to the amnesia. The top is very superficial and disorienting because there's not a lot of links to the deeper layer. Which makes reading that layer painfully simple, but it takes more effort to get to the next layer. It's not impossible to go deeper into her mind, but it's generally unrecommended to glimpse in a someones head when they're past a certain age. The surface is easy enough to read, but anywhere deeper may as well be in an abyss given the turbulence. There's billions upon billions of years of experience and memories, and the information of what Trance is cleverly mixed up in that mess.
ENERGY/LOCATION SENSING:   Those that sense for life signs will realize that Trance has none  at all. In terms of power, or ki levels, it'll end up being confusing. You might get the sense that there's the energy of a sun in front of you, but not there at the same time. Because Trance is an avatar of a sun, her 'true self' is elsewhere, so the signal's mixed.  Those that try to go by various signatures would notice that (obviously) she's not human. While alien, it's also not quite alien and the feeling might almost seem distantly familiar in the sense of knowing something that's relatively similar. Unless, of course, your character is from a world without stars or suns. Because this might be considered strange enough, finding her location should be as easy as a lit roman candle in the dark.
SPECIAL/MAGICAL ITEMS:   Maybe? Ask me about it, it could very well work/ 

FIGHTING CAPABILITIES:  Trance used to be a pretty awesome fighter. Trained, through lots of experience, and very intelligent. Now? She's going to run and be scared.
INJURY/DEATH:   Death blows, meth shmows. If it's going to get to a point where the body is injured/killed to a point where she won't be able to wake up and function properly, we'll have to figure something out.  

Major 411: If your character is a creature affected by the sun, how they react to Trance is up to you. I'm under the assumption that, in the form she's typically in, there's no problem. I'd only worry when she's turned into a model of her sun, for either reason; A) the form, for balance reasons, is one consisting closest to the properties of fire, so it's probably best to keep some distance. B) As fire does give off light, and it's a solar form, it might count as sunlight. In the end, it's up to you and your character's canon as to how they react.
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Permissions & Shinki Info

First Impressions

You can add and contact me at [ profile] demoniaThis post also serves as a HMD post, if you'd like to leave any comments like that.
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"Hi, Trance here! Um... I probably have a really,
really good reason for not answering right away.

It'll be just a moment. Thanks!"

Inbox available for all kinds of interactions, both planned or spontaneous. Go at it!

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Character: Trance Gemini
Canon: Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda

VESSEL NAME: Seiki ( 生 - 'life' )
POWER: Power Sharing
GOD: Hedone / Youji ( [personal profile] slantedcross )

EXP POINTS: 185 (As of December 4th 2016)

CAUSE OF DEATH: When Trance transformed into a small version of her sun, she essentially went nova; Destroyed herself, the ship she was on, and her friends from existence. Only to recreate them and herself in a completely new location. Being stuck in her solar form, Trance weakened and burned out very slowly as no one familiar had reached her in time. She has a drawn out scene for it, even.

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There is an extended edition of the Permissions post found here!
Social/Fighting Things - Whether it's about romance or fighting and killing, I generally let things play out naturally. Don't worry about avoiding turns to certain actions if that's what your character would do!
Mind Reading
- It's definitely possible to read some general emotions. Thoughts aren't impossible, but there's the clear impression that the thoughts are coming from somewhere more distant than originally thought. However an initial attempt to reading her mind would lead to the feeling you get when you stare right at the sun for something like a minute straight.
Mind/Body Control - This one is tricky. It won't be as possible if the method of doing this is by controlling or changing the mind with thoughts and intentions. Just because the source of that is much farther away. However, if the power is done by taking over and imposing your mind to control the body, essentially changing the signal to respond to your input, then that'll be really easy in comparison.
Psychometry - While this is an ability that has you get the past from touching an item, whether this works on things or people could trigger a reaction. Lemme know if there's an approximation on how far back the ability looks back, and I'll give you a scene! If there's no particular time limit, I've got something special for ya. Because she's technically as old as time.

Other things - Because of what Trance is, and the fact that there are two bodies (one being a sun), go ahead and ask if it'll affect a particular thing with your character! This can range from vampire and sun things (I'd leave that ultimately up to your decision, or I can give ideas for where to go,) or power-based tracking.

Precognition - Trance can see all possibilities of the future. Generally I'll keep this to minor things and gambling! Lemme know if you want to avoid this happening in particular scenarios, or use it to plot some extra fun.

Nora - Given Trance's trusting nature, it's very easy for her to accept being named by multiple gods. She wouldn't even question it!
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Player Information

Name: Love
Contact: [ profile] Demonia
Age: 29
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information
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Name: Love
Livejournal: [ profile] drgnladysupreme
Contact: Demonia105 [AIM] || demonia105 [AT] gmail [DOT] com
Other Characters Played: Botan [ profile] genkireaper Eliot [ profile] verydistinct
Are you 18 or over? Yup!

Canon: Gene Rodenberry's Andromeda
Character: Trance Gemini
Timeline: 5x02

Personality: In the beginning of Andromeda, Trance was the type that had been bubbly with a side of trouble-making and a dash of mystery peppered about everything. After she had 'moved' the entire Andromeda and it's crew to a different section of the universe she was left drained and... changed, for a second time. With such a drain and being left in her avatar state for so long, some things were forgotten while she remained confused about what she did remember. However in a way, it was almost for the best as it helped her return to that bubbly side, but more innocent. While purple Trance had acted innocent and bubbly, she was more the really good actor that occasionally showed a more truer side of herself. This new golden Trance was a blank slate,

Still, some basics remained, despite the duties and mistakes that are on her shoulders. Aside from loving her friends, it's a fondness for all organic life in general, and the natural cycles they go through. There's the fun things that are done, like gambling and racing. Save for the time in the hydroponics garden, the time spent with Beka and Rommie for their 'girl time,' and just helping out Harper with his projects had been some of the most valued. It would be again if she was around long enough to reunite with the rest of the crew, too.

Being in a new place, not having the grounding of her friends around, there are bound to be more innate natures surface. Lucifers can do some of the most contrived things for entertainment, just to make things interesting. Pretending ignorance, coming up and voicing ideas that may play as a bit of devil's advocate, and taking on projects to bring a bit of change into the city could very well be expected. Being in a place she can't leave, and without the reminder of the original ties she's bound to is going to most likely lead to the more social and pixie-ish side to come back out.

1st Season :

Fiat Lux ( 1x02 ) ("recovers" from the dead again)
The Great Battle ( 1x06 ) (Andromeda, the fly in the past)
Genius on board ( 1x14 ) (Harper sings an "anthem" that she seems to stretch esh)
The Diary of Hasturi ( 1x17 ) (Trance demonstrates her skill at gambling and her acting)
The Odyssey ( 1x21 ) (trance is sick from traveling in the slipstream)

2nd Season :

The Informant ( 2x04 ) (trance makes allusions to their origins, as she is questioned by Prof LogiChem)
Taps ( 2x05 ) (trance lost its tail)
Commuters ( 2x12 ) (trance exchanged with her ​​future version of the square)
Mayflies ( 2x15 ) (trance avoids the question of whether she is alive or dead)
In Heaven ( 2x16 ) (Dylan, Beka and Trance encounter Flux, a fellow of Trance)

3rd Season :

Hounds of war ( 3x06 ) (mourning ceremony for Mesmer; action against regimes to Marduk; Tyr explains, trance had no stomach)
The Invincible ( 3x10 ) (trance changed by the time their powers of persuasion, by itself Gaheris Rhade sacrifices so that Dylan can live)
Backwards into the darkness ( 3x12 ) (trance through different timelines, the role of bonsai)

4th Season :

Bekas Rescue ( 4x07 )

5th Season :

The intruder (2) ( 5x02 )
Mysterious words ( 5x07 )
The tunnel guard ( 5x09 )
The Missing Moon ( 5x13 )
The Twin ( 5x14 )
The celebration of the eclipse ( 5x16 )

Abilities/Additional Notes: Alive/Dead Y/Y - While a questionable state in the series, it's better clarified by linking the clues together. As Trance's body is fabricated, not born or created in the same way as other people's bodies, it has no life signs. Pulse, blood pressure, brain activity and bodily activities are essentially absent. When given a typically mortal blow, the consciousness is disconnected from the body, giving a dead appearance. When able to reconnect, the appearance of breathing returns with movement because it's all puppeted by the sun's consciousness. While this body makes disease, poison and inhospitable environments tolerable, it also makes it susceptible to things like sentient parasites that take over the body, and not the mind. (Things trying to possess by overwhelming the mind/brain first would have to try and overwhelm Trance's consciousness.) Death in Adstring - While unexplored in the series, I am setting situations where death can occur. Normally it'd be limited to something like the sun being destroyed, and things that can destroy a star. In this case, I'll be adding that the body will have to be mutilated/destroyed to the point that it can no longer be functional. She'll recover from typical death blows, like getting shot, stabbed, shocked or given something like a lethal injection used in executions, but if the form is ruined to the point that it can't be used, it will go through death consequences placed in the game.

Future Improbable - Trance doesn't necessarily see the future, so much as probable outcomes. Whether spending an instant or hours, she can look at a point in time and see the outcome of various decisions that can be made then. It's ranged from small things that don't require much effort, like coin tosses and games of chance, to deciding the right action to have everyone on the Andromeda survive a major battle. The further into the probable futures that Trance looks at, the less and less reliable they can be. By the point Trance is taken, this is already nerfed down to where she can't actively look into the further, not remembering how. It ends up being very lucky guesses towards the immediate, and will probably stay that way.

The Core - Trance is able to change the form of her body to that of a small model of her sun. The size had varied when it was being used for something large, like transporting the Andromeda, but is generally small enough to keep in a room. This was a state used when she had to take the ship and crew into a different system, taking so much energy on the place that she couldn't control the time in when they arrived. Some did so up to three years before Dylan arrived, while some had done so only months. For a while before arriving, she had been stuck in this form, wandering around the Andromeda until some man had found and put her into a shielded chamber. Other than this, contact with the Core has resulted in people being destroyed to the point they were turned into ash. Limitation in Adstringendum - Usually this form is taken for the purpose of the next noted ability. In this case, the size of the form (thus influence) is limited to that of a garage at most. The properties would be similar to fire, though it is still considered sunlight. Most likely, this ability won't come into use, but is still something to be noted on the off-chance.

Behold the Expanding Universe Lucifers have been part of the cycle of creation and destruction for countless Big Bangs. Just as suns and stars can bring life, they've destroyed it as well. Avatars have destroyed and created, or recreated, specific things as well. Some simple things could be a dust that would disrupt some kinds of magnetic locks on bars, to keep people in place. Later in the season she's taken, a mix of this and using the raw power seen as in the Core state is seen used. Power is held and either used to clash hand-to-hand with another or focused and shot towards others. In a point after the time Trance is taken, when there was little other choice she had destroyed the Andromeda Ascendant, along with it's crew, and recreated it in a place of safety within the universe. Limitation in Adstringendum - Naturally, given the mix of Universes and worlds, this is another ability nerfed. Destruction and most of the Creation, as it could be called, is going to be locked out. At most, she'll be able to do the tiniest things, like the dust and using the energy mentioned. Things that don't require her going into her solar form to accomplish.

Gardener and Medic - On the Andromeda, Trance had several positions due to the small crew on such a large warship. Aside from knowing how to control and manage the environmental and life support systems on the ship. Though it's due to her insight towards creation and how living creatures generally work, she ended up being relied on as a xenobiologist, as either the physician on board or managing the hydroponics garden. It's natural for her to be able to take care of living things, especially plants. Between this and her ability to see probabilities based off of decisions, she has gained a lot of medical experience on the Andromeda with the right tools present. Even without the tools, she's been shown to at least manage to take some of the pain away- best assumed to be thermal therapy to the affected areas. While in the hydroponics garden, everything seemed to flourish as they grew under her care. Which was probably because it was the most authentic experience the had with actual sunlight. She basically has an affinity for taking care of living things.

Tesseracting - With enough concentration, on both time and place, Trance is sometimes able to warp through space to a new destination. Sometimes it's to where she wants, where other times... well, it's turned into something that worked out in the long run, but a result of something mentally distracting her. In Adstring - I'm thinking this is going to be completely null because tesseracting involves with interacting with dimensions and... Ahah, that doesn't seem like a good idea here.

Sample Journal Post: [Video]
[The PCD turns on, at first having nothing but some grass and trees on screen. The only activity at first is the sounds of rustling and steps before a woman's voice starts calling out.]

This place doesn't match the coordinates set. ... Dylan?

[The camera moves forward a bit before rocking back. After a slightly high pitched charging noice and curious sounding 'hm?,' it's obvious that someone's picking the PCD up from behind, getting a glimpse of a boot before focusing on something that looks both bronze and leathery. It stays like that for a few seconds before it finally pans on the newcomer. Someone... Definitely not human, if the skin and ears were any indicator. Of course, it could be someone from a sci-fi convention. She's definitely dressed for colder weather... At least she has a friendly expression up as the device gets turned right side up.]

Did someone lose this? Hello? I'm not sure if this is connected on a network, but it seems to have been on...

[She pauses, contemplating something for a few seconds. A moment in all of that, she glances to the side and up to the sky to the suns.]

This place seems very strange... Ah! I just found the archive of previous logs. Quite an active place.

Sample RP:
Something wasn't right. Many somethings, in fact, as nothing matched up to the planet that they were supposed to be landing on. Her, Dylan and Rommie were going to look into the attack on a Calderan ship on Ral Parthea; a nature reserve planet. While the climate was abundant in flora, it wasn't in the season to be this warm. Even more, the trees and turf seemed... wrong. They were closer to the classifications that were more appropriate to ancient Earth, which wasn't impossible. Just very unlikely. "This place doesn't match the coordinates set."

Where were Dylan and Rommie? "Dylan?"

Everything was wrong. Even more, it felt wrong, disjointed. There was a disconnected sense with herself, like something caused a short inside. They had to get back to the Andromeda. Walking past a few more trees, after hearing a something in the distance and her foot knocking into what felt like a rock, Trance pulled the force lance out of it's holster. Starting a charge and holding it at the ready, her eyes scanned the area around before looking down to what she sorta-kicked. Raising an eyebrow, more in curiosity than confusion, she crouched down to pick the device up. It looked to be an out of date communicator- Like the ones with video functions. Looking at the dimensions she muttered, "Did someone lose this?" while realizing that it did, in fact, have video capabilities. One that was currently in use, though for how long... "Hello? I'm not sure if this is connected on a network, but it seems to have been on..."

Looking around, finally standing to full height again, Trance decided to take in more of the details. Getting past some of the shrubbery and looking around, some structure could be seen. Two suns weren't uncommon, though it only confirmed something that was already understood. Odds being that this was the furthest thing from a nature reserve was extremely high. Still, the greenery in the area wasn't usually seen on planets with two suns, compared to more suitable species of the proaceae family. "This place seems very strange..." Still, best to make sure the system of the device wasn't too different. "Ah!" Success, with logs showing up. "I just found the archive of previous logs. Quite an active place."

Still, it wasn't the time to look through the videos and audio. Snooping through a huge group of strangers' histories wasn't really the most pertinent thing to do in a world where nothing seemed to be what it should.